A KILLER who stabbed a man to death in an apparent bid steal his prize coin collection has launched a bid to appeal against his conviction.

Danny Bostock was convicted of murdering Gordon McGhee, 52, and attempting to blow up his flat in Forest Road, Colchester.

Mr McGhee suffered 14 stab wounds - including one to his throat - and the gas hob in his home was turned with a dish cloth set alight in an attempt to cause an explosion.

Bostock, now 33, was collecting limited edition Beatrix Potter 50ps at the time of the attack in August 2018 and killed Mr McGhee in order to steal his coins.

He was handed a life sentence with a minimum term of 30 years at Ipswich Crown Court but has now launched an application for leave to appeal his conviction.

A hearing date has been set for the Court of Appeal in London at the end of this month where a judge will decide whether it can go ahead.

At his original sentencing at Ipswich Crown Court, Judge David Goodin described the attack as savage and “murder most foul”.

Mr McGhee had known Bostock through a mutual friend and had even kindly offered him spares from his impressive coin collection.

Bostock denied the murder throughout but was linked to the scene by a pair of Lonsdale trainers he had bought from a town centre shop.

Mr McGhee had planned to sell his coin collection to contribute to his daughter’s wedding.

After Bostock’s conviction, Mr McGhee’s family said: “Gordon was a kind-hearted, gentle soul.

“As a dad he was thoughtful, supportive, encouraging and a whole heap of fun and laughter.

“He was loyal, generous, empathetic and witty.

“He found joy in a variety of things from his coins to playing chess and watching films.

“Most of his life was spent in the kitchen cooking up something amazingly tasty or outside relishing in nature.”