A MUM was temporarily banned from a school playground after police were called when a row broke out between two parents.

Senior leaders at Ryedene Primary School, in Vange, were also forced to offer separate drop off and pick up points for children in the run up to the Christmas break as a result of the incident.

It comes after reports of a mum approaching a child in the playground and allegedly using threatening and abusive language.

Onlookers said the child’s mum then defended her son as other parents attempted to calm the situation.

A spokesperson for the school confirmed the incident and emphasised no children were harmed as a result of the incident and all children of the parents involved remain pupils at the school.

The spokesman said: “We have a strict Parent Conduct Policy which is adhered to, meaning that incidents between parents are extremely rare.

“Following a recent incident involving two parents, we swiftly and robustly dealt with the matter following the school’s agreed policy and by working with both families.

“Relevant agencies, including the police, were contacted and a number of control measures were put in to place

to mitigate the risk of further instances of unacceptable adult behaviour and to continue safeguard the children, which is always our utmost priority.

“No children were harmed in any way as a result of this incident and all children of the parents involved remain students at the school.

“We have wonderful pupils and parents attending our school and all staff are extremely proud of them.”

As a result of the incident, the parent who confronted the child was banned from going to the playground for a fixed period, different drop off and pick up points were arranged for some children and additional staff were put on duty around the playground.

Essex Police were called as a result of the incident and were satisfied with how the school has dealt with the situation.

One parent who spoke to the Echo anonymously said the incident was “totally unacceptable”.