A DEVOTED dad who tragically lost his seven-month-old daughter to cot death ran 11 miles on Christmas Day morning in her honour.

Jake Fitt, 22, from Basildon, braved the chilly festice weather dressed as Santa Claus to raise more than £2,000 for The Lullaby Trust.

The charity aims to reduces the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and to fund research into causes and prevention. It supported the young father and the family after Bonnie-Olivia died.

Mr Fitt said Bonnie-Olivia died suddenly on March 11 last year would have been so proud of him.

He said: “It wasn’t easy at all and I ran from Basildon to Canvey.

“I had a small group of people who came to support me on the day. I am over the moon with the amount of money made, the charity really helped me through a difficult time.

“I am really proud of myself and it means so much to be doing it for Bonnie.

“It was the thought of her that got me through it on the day.

“It’s something I am planning on doing every Christmas now.

“It was a great start to what was going to be a very difficult day, I was dreading Christmas because I knew she wasn’t going to be with me. It made it a positive day becuase I’d started the day in a good way.

“I want to saw a big thank you to everyone who donated and everyone who showed up on Christmas morning to cheer me on. It means a lot.”

He said all the support with the fundwaising means so much to him and the whole family.

Bonnie-Olivia died suddenly after her mum, Kayla, found that she wasn’t breathing.

She was just seven months old.

Jake and Kayla had already separated at the time and were co-parenting Bonnie-Olivia.

Bonnie-Olivia’s first Christmas Day was spent with her mum, and Jake planned to have her the following year.

He hopes no other family has to go through this and that eventually there will be a cure for it.

The family held a collection for the charity on what would’ve been Bonnie’s first birthday in July.

To donate, visit gofundme.com/f/11-miles-for-Bonnie-Olivia.