CYCLISTS could be given their own lanes across Rochford in a bid to get people out of their cars and onto the saddle.

Rochford councillors are looking at ways to make roads safer for the district’s cyclists

Hawkwell West ward councillor Julie Gooding put a motion to Rochford Council to propose improvements to cycle routes, following residents’ concerns that some cycle routes are a “challenge”.

The motion urged the councillors to “explore ways that Rochford Council and Essex County Council can work together to improve the cycle ways by connecting the various parts of the cycle tracks in and around Rochford District.

The motion stated: “In particular using Ironwell Lane to create a cycle way through from Rochford town to Hawkwell to make a safe route for cyclists instead of Hall Road, linking the two new housing estates and the new industrial area at the airport.”

The motion was seconded by council leader Mike Steptoe.

Mrs Gooding is one of a small working group of councillors looking at ways to reduce the council’s carbon footprint, including encouraging safe cycling in the district.

She said: “I think it is dangerous cycling on Hall Road. I’ve even seen a woman with a baby cart on the back of her bike. There is an overgrown byway in Ironwell Lane that runs parallel with Hall Road which could be utilised as a cycle path.”

Mrs Gooding added: “By making these changes and encouraging cyclists to use the routes available from Rochford through the district it will be safer, improve physical and mental well-being, along with many additional outdoor benefits.

“In particular Ironwell Lane is desperately in need of improvement to the surface as well as the overgrown vegetation. This could enable cyclists usually riding along Hall road to avoid the need to use a busy stretch of road.”

Another motion put forward by Jo McPherson and seconded by Mrs Gooding called for the council to “work with Essex County Council to identify verges that are suitable for eco-friendly native wildflower areas and to also identify suitable areas for tree planting.”

The motions were passed at a full council meeting. More measures are expected to be considered next year.