Fuming residents say ‘Christmas has already been ruined’ after airport chiefs refused to stop noisy jets taking off just 40 metres from their homes.

Earlier this year people living near Southend Airport said their lives were being made hell after an old runway was refurbished and larger planes began to use it.

They have tried to halt the use of ‘Charlie taxiway’ but last week Glyn Roberts told the Echo their complaints had been considered but he insisted the runway ‘has always been used and will always be used.’

Neighbour Alex Carr said he was disappointed about the decision and says the noise and fumes from the runway have forced him to take anti-depressants.

The estate agent said: “It will probably ruin my Christmas.

“Christmas Day will be like any other day with constant noise coming from the airport.”

He added he could have never known how the airport would have expanded when he moved in 27 years ago.

The 50-year-old added: “The airport has outgrown its size and it’s been allowed to get bigger and bigger, we had no idea this would happen. It was completely different to what is behind us now.

“We’re emotionally and physically drained, I’m not sleeping, I’m on anti depressants to calm me down but I still have broken sleep through the night.

“My house has been devalued because no-one wants to live next to an airport. I don’t want to leave my house but I feel like I’m being forced too.

“These people are not considering the residents that live here.”

Another resident, Janet Marchant, said airport bosses are not taking their concerns seriously.

She said: “When we hear the jets, the TV comes off and conversation stops because it’s just so loud.”

The 68-year-old also claimed the airport does not offer open meetings for residents to discuss their concerns and were not allowed to properly consider proposals for an acoustic barrier.

She added: “If they cared about their neighbours this wouldn’t be happening, they only do things that would benefit themselves. They’ve done absolutely nothing for us.

“When they were given permission to expand, the council should have put in place something that prevented them from being so close to residents.”

Another resident Carol Bonnett, 58, said the constant noise and pollution coming from the airport is keeping her awake all night- and now sleeps on the floor in her front room.

She said: “We’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor in our front lounge because we can’t sleep.

“It’s the night flights that we struggle with. We’re not sleeping, I’ve got sleeping tablets from the doctors.”

Glyn Jones, CEO of Stobart Aviation, says the firm has listened to residents on multiple occasions and tried to offer solutions.

He said: “You can’t help but be sympathetic, but the fact is when we negotiated the planning consent there was a number of controls that come with it.”

“They reduced the number of available night movements from more than 900 to 120. It’s a very small number compared to other airports.

“Last year we averaged about 7,600, two-and-a-half-a-day. It’s gone up by about one-a-week, it’s not gone up very much.”

Stobart and Southend Borough Council have both been approached for comment.