FAMILIES living in a row of cottages claim their quality of life will be ruined by a new development.

The Planning Inspectorate overturned Southend Council’s decision and has approved plans for five cottages at the end of North Shoebury Road, Shoebury.

Those living in the 12 cottages claim the development will impact on the access they have to their homes.

Resident Tracy Moss said: “The council has granted planning permission to a number of different developers over the years for all different things which they then haven’t bothered to build.

“The land has changed hands many times long before I lived here and I have been here for ten years.

“We own a metre of the land from our front garden which they will be trespassing on once they start building. They just don’t seem to care.

“There has just been a total lack of care and communication from them.”

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: “We realise that the owners of the adjacent land can do what they like with the land, but we have many concerns regarding access in and out of our cottages, including, work vans, builder’s lorries, concrete lorries, and site services.

“What about emergency vehicle access to the cottages, disabled access, mobility scooter access, and access for baby prams and buggies up and down the lane.”

They claim the developer will have to trespass on their property to carry out the work.

Dantel Construction meanwhile has ordered those living there to remove items and vehicles from the access road within days.

Director Tyrone Callaghan claimed the title deeds are owned by the developers and title deeds only allow for foot not vehicle access.

He also claimed vehicle access would be much improved once construction is completed.

He added there is a pathway so access is not impeded.