PLANS are being drawn up to ban drivers doing U-turns at a major junction to improve safety.

Southend Council is planning the ban for motorists at the Kent Elms junction on the A127 near Eastwood.

Council bosses say it comes following a safety report after a new £1.3million footbridge was installed over the junction.

The council says there have been no particular incidents leading to the plans.

But Mark Flewitt, deputy mayor of Southend said you cannot plan around the stupidity of some drivers.

He said: “I think these are relatively radical plans for an integral part of our highways.

“It used to be a hotspot for any incident such as crashes, but isn’t now that we’ve got the bridge.”

“You cannot design out the stupidity and dangerous driving of some motorists.”

Andrew Moring, Tory councillor for Eastwood Park Ward said: “It would be good to stop this happening before we have any accidents.

“It’s common sense that there will be accident unless we stop it happening.

“I am surprised people can do this as it’s a tight junction.”

Trisha Browne, 51, of Park Avenue, Eastwood said: “It may help to make it safer for pedestrians as sometimes drivers make U-turns when people are crossing.

“The bridge does help with this but people must be able to cross a road without being worried about being hit by a car.”

Kevin Buck, Tory shadow councillor for transport who was involved in the bridge installation, said: “I would like to see the report and evidence of this.

“Anything that makes the junction safer gets my support.”

Larissa Reed, executive director for neighbourhoods and environment, said: “Subject to no objections to the Traffic Regulation order, we will be implementing a ban on U-turns on the London bound westbound route at the Kent Elms junction.

“This is being done to improve the safety of road users at the junction and the work will consist of erecting ‘no U-turn ahead’ signs.

“The work will be carried out overnight once the Traffic Regulation order is in place.”