LEISURE centre customers were left in the dark after street lights were out for several weeks.
Customers at Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, Garons Park, Southend, complained about being left in pitch black during gym trips.
Katie Aloi, 21, from Bournemouth Park Road, in Southend, has been using the gym for several years and never noticed an issue until about two months ago.
She said: “I go to the gym every day and for the last couple of months there have been no street lights on at all.
“It is more noticeable now because it’s darker – it’s scary.
“On a normal road I would be fine, but the walk from the gym to the main road is quite a long walk.
“There is nothing else around – it only takes ten seconds for someone to come along and try and jump someone or mug them.
“My boyfriend uses the same gym as well and I worry for him too.
“There’s also a lot of children who use the centre for after-school clubs.”
The leisure centre is owned by Southend Council and run by Fusion Lifestyle.
Katie asked recently approached those running the centre and asked if there was anything they could do, such as turn the lights on for the running track, which is located next to the main building.
She added: “I know it’s not the gym’s fault, but I don’t know why they can’t just turn the track lights on as it would make all the difference.
“For a gym of that size that is used by so many people, it’s not acceptable.
“For the money I pay for a membership, I expect there to be some lighting.”
Southend Council blamed UK Power Networks for the problem, which a spokesman claimed was now fixed.
The spokesman explained the problem was first reported on October 8.On October 25, the problem was believed to have been fixed but it hadn’t been.
Larissa Reed, executive director for neighbourhoods and environment for Southend Council, said: “The lights on the entry road have unfortunately been down due to a UK Power Networks power failure.”
A spokesman for UK Power Networks said: “We were informed there was a problem with the streetlights on October 8.
“Because of the nature of the fault our engineers attended three times to pinpoint and fix the problem by November 28.”