POTENTIALLY lethal asbestos has been illegally dumped outside a pub.

Bags full of the substance, which can cause a significant risk to health, were left on Rochford Garden Way and outside the White Horse pub on Southend Road.

The bags were found on Friday afternoon with furious families angry at being put in danger.

Chanel Sarah, who lives near the pub, said: “I am contacting the council again, my son has brittle asthma.

“I explained this to the council, he’s been in and out of hospital this last two weeks, and still, the only reply I got was is it couldn’t be sorted over the weekend.”

Rochford Council has been criticised for a lack of action.

Kevin Graham, the director of Kadec Asbestos Management, who are based on Stephenson Road, Southend, told residents to stay away the area to avoid health issues.

The 47-year-old said: “It’s a significant risk to health.

“Enquiries like these are becoming all too common.

“We get them every two weeks.

“It’s usually worse during the spring and the summer when the developments start up again.

“People nearby need to keep clear and keep the area quarantined until it is removed.

“Also please keep children away from the area.

“It’s all you can do at this stage.

“It has to be removed properly and carried away correctly.

“It’s then put in a Government approved waste removal site.”

The dumping of asbestos is highly dangerous to public health, as the fibres can be easily inhaled, and can cause Asbestosis, and two types of cancer, lung and Mesothelioma.

It is not known who has illegally dumped the material.

Rochford Council was contacted for details on any investigation it is carrying out and what the plans are for the hazardous materials.

However the council has not responded to requests for comments about the materials being left.