PARKING fines have been put on hold and a major investigation launched after a host of complaints about Rayleigh train station.

A number of drivers have been handed parking tickets for “brief stays” at the station, with drivers claiming they are being fined for simply making drop offs and pick ups.

The car park is managed by NCP. The firm has admitted it has received a large number of complaints and is putting all fines on hold.

No more fines will be handed out and those with outstanding tickets will not be pestered until a thorough investigation has been completed.

Mark Kraft, who manages Greater Anglia contracts for NCP, added a number of fines are “completely fine”, but others appear to be incorrect.

Rayleigh resident, Gemma Holden, 57, said she received three tickets for dropping off her husband in the morning.

She said: “It is absolutely ridiculous, I am sitting here with three £75 fines, when in total the visits lasted no more than two minutes each.

“The cameras are obviously not registering when people are coming in an exiting the car park, and then people are being fined.

“There’s no signs saying no drop offs or no pick ups, it is just unclear why everyone has been fined.”

James Newport, Rochford councillor for Downhall and Rawreth, said: “The problem is we have a lot of frustrated people now that have been sent fines and had to deal with that. It caused a lot of stress.

“Some people may have paid the fines already and need refunds. The issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible. This cannot mimic what happened in Basildon.

“Having spoken to Greater Anglia who appeared to be happy to wash their hands of the problems users of the train station car have been experiencing with incorrectly issued PCN’s, I’ve now spoken to NCP car parks.

“They have asked customers to email,, with references and details and they will investigate further.". 


Mr Kraft said: “ I can confirm that all the outstanding Parking Charges Notices have been placed on hold whilst we carry out an full investigation.”