A TEENAGER who was struck by a bus driver who had been drinking has made a remarkable recovery.

Sean Fischer was hit by a bus driven by Andrew Aldridge, who was over the drink-drive limit when at the wheel in Shoebury.

Sean suffered two broken toes, a huge gash on his head, and suspected concussion when he was hit on Ness Road, Shoebury in February this year.

His family feared that it would be a long and difficult road for him to heal, and concerns were raised he may have suffered permanent damage.

However, eight months later, and Sean, now 18, has made a full recovery.

His sister Sarah Freeman said: “He’s doing really well actually, surprisingly he’s made a full recovery.

“Soon after it happened we really did fear the worst. We thought the injury to his head could have resulted in brain damage as the gash was several inches long, but now he’s doing perfectly well.

“It’s been hard, he’s certainly more aware of his surroundings now and a bit more tentative going out. He had therapy for his broken toes, which is the thing that’s taken the longest to heal.”

Aldridge, 49, appeared at court on November 1 where he admitted to having more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood in his system when driving, as well as dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene.

However, he denied causing serious injury, which Sean’s family believes was due to his quick recovery.

Sarah, 29, added: “When I was first told that he had denied serious injury I was initially worried that Sean would have to give evidence and it would be a full trial, but then I was told it had been accepted and he admitted everything else.

“I was quite relieved, I wouldn’t have liked Sean to have to relive it all.

“We’ve been able to put this behind us now and move on with our lives.

“We’re really grateful for all the help we’ve received so far.”

Aldridge, of Princes Street, Southend, was bailed and will be sentenced at Basildon Crown Court the week beginning December 2