Firefighters rushed to a kitchen fire, after being alerted by a postal worker.

It happened at a home in Barnaby Way, Laindon at 11.55am yesterday.

The crews had to gain entry to the property and confirmed that the hob in the kitchen had been left on and an iPad had been left on top.

The iPad had melted and caused smoke damage in the kitchen.

Crews worked to make the area safe by 12:14.

Watch Manager Adam Barber said: “Always keep your cooker and hob area clear and never leave the hob on unattended.

“Thankfully the resident had smoke alarms which alerted a postal worker outside who called the Fire Service.

“Smoke alarms can warn us, and others around us, of the first sign of fire and should always be taken seriously.

“We always urge people to take note when hearing smoke alarms - if you hear it, give the person a knock to check everything is ok.”