MARK Francois MP has backed a campaign which opposes the over-development of land on Ashingdon Road in Rochford.

The development, for 660 houses, is set to be carried out by Bloor Homes, and has been slammed by residents and MP Mark Francois.

The campaign, which the Echo reported on in recent months, is aiming to stop the over-development of Rochford, specifically the hundreds of new homes on Ashingdon Road.

Melanie English, who set up the campaign, spoke previously of how traffic in the area will be hugely impacted, as well as services in the town.

The proposals for the development result in traffic exiting the site onto Ashingdon Road, opposite Holt Farm Infant and Junior schools.

Mark Francois, the MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, joined Ms English at the site, and echoed her thoughts. He said: “Given all the traffic problems caused by developers in Rayleigh and Hullbridge recently, I can see how Bloor’s plans would also lead to massive disruption in Ashingdon too.

“These companies generally don’t give a monkeys about the problems they cause. All they are interested in is the eventual profit margins on the houses.

“The Ashingdon site was allocated for up to 500 houses, yet Bloor Homes have put in for 660 properties, with a very poor-quality design, which basically smacks of greed, in my view.

“The traffic will descend onto the road, directly opposite the school. This will be a nightmare.

Francois added that Rochford District Council must reject the application. He said: “The decision on the eventual planning application will of course be a matter for councillors, I don’t have a vote on it either way.

“On the grounds of bad traffic access opposite two schools and overdevelopment I hope that the council, once they have examined all the evidence, may yet reject these highly unsuitable plans.”

Melanie English, told the Echo that the group were delighted to have an MP on board.

She said: “The meeting was really positive. He was really understanding and is supporting our campaign.

“We couldn’t have asked for anyone better.”

Ms English also outlined the group’s plans for the near future. She added: “We’re biding our time, waiting for the application to come in.

“Once that happens, which should be soon, we can really get stuck in.”