A MAN ran up and kicked a woman during an ugly brawl by tower blocks in Southend.

Several children, passing by with their parents, were visibly distressed by what was going on.

A video which has surfaced on Facebook, filmed by a passerby, captures the violence on Sunday afternoon, near Quantock flats, Chichester Road. The footage shows a group, some of whom appeared to be drunk, involved in a nasty quarrel which spilled onto the street.

Two women appeared to be fighting and were both rolling around on the ground.

Families with young children can be seen having to walk past.

Moments later, one of the women gets up and walks away with a male friend before being followed by a man wearing a white vest top who runs up and kicks her in the stomach.

An eye-witness to the incident, Duncan Hughes, from Southend, said: “Lots of people were distressed and just in shock, and there were kids crying.

“Just another average day in Southend...”

Marie Swan commented on Facebook: “I think this is just sad. “Our town is going down the pan. It really did used to be a great place.

“It’s shocking behaviour this, but in all honesty these people just need help.

“They are being let down and the council need to do more to tackle the homelessness, drug and alcohol problems in the town.

“It seems the problem is only getting worse and things need to drastically improve.

“I do hope the woman who was kicked is okay and that the bloke responsible for that is reprimanded by the police.”

A shopkeeper from Big News 5, near where the fight kicked off, says he wasn’t working on the day it all happened, adding: “I didn’t see this incident but I can tell you fights like this happen all the time along this road and nearby.”

Essex Police were contacted for comment, but were unable to confirm if any arrests were made.