IDENTICAL twins, who were given a 10 per cent rate of survival before birth, are now child models with more than 120,000 Instagram followers.

Rocco and Jenson White, who were born at 32 weeks in May 2016, model for brands such as Next and boast quite a social media profile.

Southend Standard:

Proud - mum Jayde with her boys

Southend Standard:

Twins - The boys were born at 32 weeks in 2016

Southend Standard:

Cool dudes - the twins had twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)

Mum Jayde White had to have emergency laser surgery after doctors at Broomfield Hospital discovered the twins had twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), which prevents blood from flowing evenly between the two infants, at her 16-week scan.

Jayde, 29, from Billericay, described the family’s remarkable story. She said: “The surgeons told me they had a 10p percent chance of survival without the operation, and a 65 percent chance that I would lose one or both, even afterwards. It had to be done there and then.

“I could see the boys on the screen. I was so scared. If they moved and the laser hit a body part, that was it. I was then scanned every week until the end of the pregnancy.

“They had to be born at 32 weeks because there was concerns that the TTTS had come back again.

“The boys did so well.”

She added that TTTS can have long term consequences as well as immediate impact on the twins lives: “The syndrome can affect problems now, from breathing, walking, and talking. Touch wood they’ve been fine up until now.

“We’ve been one of the lucky ones.”

Mrs White explained how Rocco and Jenson’s Instagram fame came about. The proud mum added: “It’s gone so crazy.

Southend Standard:

Pose - the twins are often sent clothes to try out

“It started off with bump photos and pictures of them in identical clothes. It took off from there. Brands started sending us stuff to try on. It then moved on to paid work.

“People now recognise them in the street. They’ve been spotted in Dubai and Spain. It’s really weird!

“Sometimes they love it, sometimes they don’t. I’ll never force them to try anything on or have their picture taken.”

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