A MUM instinctively chased yobs who threw a brick at a bus window she was on with her two-week-old daughter.

Elice Budd, 26, from Laindon, was travelling on the 8A First Bus service from Basildon Town Centre to Laindon when the louts targeted the bus.

She said the impact made a huge bang and other passengers thought it was a gunshot.

She recalled: “The bus was at the junction with Laindon Link and Great Oxcroft when it happened and I saw these boys throw it.

“They knew what they were doing, it wasn’t a mistake.

“It was so dangerous what they did.

“What made me so angry is that these boys could have hurt or even worse, killed my baby and they will just get away with it.

“I can’t understand why they would do it or what they get out of it.

“It all happened in slow motion and the bus driver stopped. I just got off to chase the boys but I couldn’t get near them in the end.”

The mum said thankfully the brick didn’t go all the way through the window.

She added: “It could have severely hurt my baby or worse, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

“The bus driver said he was surprised that the brick didn’t go through the window.

“I posted about it on Facebook and have had people saying this is not the first time, it seems to have happened quite a lot.”

She said it was all very scary and she chased them as she wanted to get hold of the boys and take them to their parents.

The mum-of-five said said she’s since been informed it has happened about four times in the area.

She said these yobs seem to have no idea of the consequences their actions could cause.

Ms Budd said: “It’s not just me or my child, these yobs could have severely hurt anyone onboard.

“It’s just wrong and they don’t know the consequences of their actions.”

The incident has caused fury in the community with residents reacting to the angry mum’s post on Facebook.

One resident posted: “Oh my goodness, this is disgusting.

“I’m so glad that your poor baby and you were not harmed.”

Another posted: “I think their mothers should be ashamed.”

First Bus was contacted for comment.

The incident happened on Saturday sometime between 6pm and and 8pm. Call police on 101 with any information.