CALLS for more street lights have been made after a man fell off a quayside.

Residents heard the commotion at King Edward Quay at the Hythe in Colchester on Saturday night.

A man, who appeared to be drunk, was standing on a boat, covered in mud.

Confused as to how he came to be there, resident Nicola Howe looked back over her CCTV footage.

The video showed the man swaying on the quayside, looking at his phone, before falling off the edge into the water below.

He emerges but then disappears again as he tries to pull himself out of the mud.

After a short time he manages to haul himself up onto the deck of a boat.

He did not seem to be injured but looked confused.

Nicola said: “I was pottering about at 11.30pm on Saturday night when I heard a noise outside.

“I looked on our CCTV and saw a man standing on the deck of the boat, covered in mud.

“My husband went to investigate and discovered the man.”

She called the police, realising the man may need help.

She said: “He managed in the end to get up the gang plank and then just stood there for ages and nearly fell back down it.

“He seemed confused so we asked if he was hurt and I called the police on 999 who came and looked for him for ages.

“I don’t know where he went but after a while he wandered off and then tried to get on the boat next to ours.

“About 20 minutes later I saw him walk past quickly, covered in mud and missing a shoe.”

She said the footage highlights the need for more street lighting in the area.

She added: “The lights do work but either they’re switched off or the timers are set wrong. Whole swathes of the quay are in darkness at night and there’s nothing to stop people just walking off the edge.”

Mike Lilley, councillor responsible for public safety, said: “There is an area between the roadside and the quay where you could fall off if you lose your way.

“We will be looking at the lighting situation down there and will be speaking to Essex Highways to see what can be done there.

“Accidents do happen and it will be interesting to know what he was actually doing down there.”

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