THE wife of Simon Dobbin, who was attacked by football hooligans, has launched a petition to bring in a law which would force offenders to pay cash for life to the NHS.

The dad-of-one, 47, and Cambridge United fan, was subjected to a horrific attack in 2015 which left him brain-damaged after attending an away game at Roots Hall in Southend.

He spent a year in hospital trying to recover.

Now, Simon’s wife, Nicole, 48, is pushing to see Simon’s Law introduced, and has launched a petition which has already garnered more than 2,000 signatures – in just 24 hours.

Mrs Dobbin is hoping to get 100,000 supporters so the issue will be debated in Parliament.

Simon’s Law would see anyone convicted of violent public disorder which caused harm to a person, forced to forfeit a percentage of all the money they earn throughout their lives.

The money would then be paid into the NHS.

Nicole said: “Twelve men were sentenced to prison for violent public disorder, but Simon has a life sentence.

“How can someone be clinically dead for seven minutes and this be a violent public disorder? The law needs to change.

“I want the Government to put Simon’s Law into place – hopefully this will be a deterrent and these crimes are drastically reduced.

“I’d hate to guess but I am sure it ran into hundreds and thousands of pounds to keep Simon alive and well enough for him to return home a year later.”

Following the vicious attack, 13 men were convicted for their part in the assault.

Sentences for the 13 ranged from a suspended sentence, to five years in prison, with ten-year football banning orders also handed out.

Eight men were found to have been directly involved in the violent disorder, while three were involved in a conspiracy. Another man was cleared of taking part in the conspiracy, but found guilty of hiding one of the men in his bedroom.

Former police officer Paul Bates has thrown his support behind the campaign.

He said: “When I was a serving officer, I was first on scene to this incident and will never forget it, or the effect it has had on Simon and his family.

“People should pay for their crimes - sign the petition.”

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