A COMMUNITY is calling for an abandoned bungalow to be purchased by the council so it can be brought back into use.

West Shoebury Councillors are asking Southend Council to compulsory purchase the empty bungalow along Leitrim Avenue that has been empty for over 10 years.

The property became empty following the passing of the owner occupier and subsequently his wife, and has been completely neglected by their family.

Councillors say the building has since become an eyesore and potential health risk for local residents.

Councillors Derek Jarvis and Tony Cox are now calling for the administration to purchase the property so it can be maintained and managed by the council whilst helping alleviate the pressures on the housing register.

Derek Jarvis said: “We need more homes in Southend to ensure that everyone is adequately housed.

“It seems absurd that whilst we have almost 1,500 people on the waiting list we have empty properties such as this being left to rack and ruin, causing health risk to residents in the surrounding area and serving no purpose in terms of housing.

“I hope the council uses its compulsory purchasing powers to ensure that a family in need can be adequately housed and it can be maintained correctly by the council.”

The council has been contacted for comment.