WILDLIFE campaigners have blasted plans to close a badger sett - after one resident complained.

Natural England will shut off the animal habitat at the home in Kings Park, Thundersley, on September 10.

The badgers have created the sett in a resident’s back garden.

Government department, Natural England has agreed to plans to close off the animal habitat, and it’s caused fury within the community.

Chris Teeder, 56, chairman of the Essex Badger Protection Group said no consideration has been given to the badgers.

He said: “The concern is what will happen to the badgers when the sett is closed?

“There doesn’t seem to have been any survey undertaken to find out how many badgers are in there or where else they can move to. This is something we are seeing regularly with housing developments near to woodland areas.

“I think it would help for developers to do better research about what will happen to the wildlife before they start building new homes.”

The animal lover said it is a difficult issue and he can’t see a solution that will benefit everyone.

He said people in the community are concerned about the issue too and some are worried about the badgers going into their garden and messing them up.

Mr Teeder said: “But there are plenty of other people who are worried about what is going to happen to these badgers when they are moved.”

He said people must remember badgers are a protected species which people can’t just do what they like to.

The whole issue has also caused fury within the community with residents posting on Facebook about the planned removal works.

Meanwhile, Castle Point Council said it was nothing do to with the council and was a matter for Natural England.

Natural England said it was unable to comment on specific cases such as this.