POST boxes have been taped up all over Canvey....leading to rumours the postman has lost his keys!

Bemused residents were left shocked this week when a number of boxes dotted around the island were deemed “out-of-use”.

On social media residents have been talking about how they were taped up for “security reasons”, and the Royal Mail has so far been unable to provide any explanation to the Echo.

Meanwhile, residents say they have been informed the problems are down to keys being lost forcing the Royal Mail to take the post boxes out of action until the keys are found, locks have been replaced or new keys cut.

While others have raised fears the post boxes could be removed from the island.

Joan Thomas, 56, of Long Road, said: “It is so bizarre. It is quite funny too, it has caused a buzz around the island, everyone is saying ‘what has happened to our post boxes?’. I saw a few people on Facebook, plus one lady I spoke to in the town centre, saying it was due to the postie losing his keys. That is brilliant if true, it makes for a brilliant story, but you have to feel for the people who simply want to post a letter to loved ones.

“You hope they are not being removed, a few people have mentioned that.”

So far, residents have reported post boxes being taped over in Kings Road, one on Dovervelt Road, in Meppel Avenue, one in Furtherwick Road, another in May Avenue as well as a post box on the seafront.

Several posts have appeared on social media and Facebook pages, with residents clearly left baffled about the post box mystery.

Many have stated the issue has stemmed from the loss of keys, but it remains to be seen if this is the case.

Andrew Jenkins, 47, of Waarden Road, added: “It was a bit of a surprise when I went to post a few bits for my wife and the post box was all taped over, then I walked into town to try another and that was taped up as well.

"It is very strange, as you do these days, everyone is all over Facebook talking about. The keys being lost sounds a bit bizarre, but a few people seem to have been told that.

“They are probably underused but this clearly shows people do use them.”

Royal Mail spokesman would not provide a comment after being asked whether the post boxes were being removed, or if there was an issue with lost keys.