A PENSIONER has spoken of his devastation after arsonists destroyed his shed and summer house, just after he lost his wife.

The victim, 76, who asked to remain anonymous, was at home when the yobs set fire to garden structures in Treecot Drive, Leigh.

He told how he is now struggling to cope.

He said: “I am having nightmares and can’t sleep. I’ve seen a doctor and got medication, but it isn’t working. I’ve got no enemies and can’t work out why they’ve targeted me. It’s a horrendous time for me.

“I’ve almost lost my three siblings through accidents and disease and have got to be strong for them.

“My wife died in October and it was just sudden and unexpected. One of brothers had heart failure but survived it, another brother had Sepsis and is recovering.

“My sister was having accidents and dizzy spells in Spain, where she lived, and came home and is now bedbound, we don’t know what’s wrong.”

He recalled how he was watching television at about 9.30pm on Sunday, July 14 when he heard some noises outside and thought someone was outside.

He said: “I went out and couldn’t see anything and looked out into my garden and could see it was glowing red. I went out and saw sheds were on fire. I then dosed down both of the sheds.

“The fire brigade came and told me I had done a good job.

“I dosed down the shed and summer house until the flames were gone.

“I had lots of stuff in there, about 40 years worth.

“I had pictures in boxes, furniture, music stuff and tools. It’s all gone now.”

Essex Police have issued an appeal for information with a CCTV image of two men wanted in connection with the arson.

PC Phil O’Connell said: “This is a potentially extremely dangerous incident that led to an elderly gentleman risking himself harm to try and save his belongings from serious damage.”

Anyone who recognises these men or has any other information about the incident should call Essex Police on 101 with crime reference number 42/112110/19 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.