A THIEF who barged a shop worker and carried out five shop lifting offences on Canvey has been jailed.

Tracey Rehbein, 43, of Church Parade, Canvey, received four week prison sentences for five theft of shop offences, to run consecutively.

At around 8.45pm on April 19, Rehbein entered the Co-Op store in Canvey Road and placed a large quantity of meat, chocolate and coffee into shopping bags.

While she was leaving, she barged a member of staff and threatened her.

She then entered the same store twice more on April 27 and May 2 and left with meat without paying.

At around 5pm on May 8, Rehbein attended B&M in Rosscommon Way and filled a trolley with items worth £380 and left the store without making no attempts to pay.

She was arrested by officers with Operation Falcon, a team of five officers who help tackle crime in Castle Point and Rochford and we later found she had stolen items from Sainbury’s in Furtherwick Road on July 12.

Rehbein also received three weeks in prison to run concurrently for assault by beating.

Rehbein was previously given a community order on April 17 this year to attended rehabilitation activity requirement.

She breached this and was given four week consecutive prison sentence.

Sergeant Vicky Jarvis, who leads Operation Falcon, said: "Rehbein is well known to us and she was put on Op Falcon’s radar following these offences.

"It didn’t take long for us to find her and bring her into custody for questioning.

"Rehbein was put before a court this week for stealing from our business community and has been jailed."

A spokesman for Co-Op said: "We take retail crime very seriously and implements a range of measures to both deter criminal activity and to aid convictions.

"The safety of our colleagues, and customers, is of paramount importance and we are committed to creating safer spaces and working with the police to do so."