A VILLAGE public toilet has been closed for a number of days after “extensive” vandalism.

Hullbridge Parish Council has closed the toilet in the Pooles Lane Car Park after yobs etched a rude image on the wall and broke the alarm cord for disabled users.

Angelina Marriott, council chairman, said maintenance workers are dealing with the incident.

She also hit out at the destructive yobs causing damage.

She said: “We do not know how much it will cost to fix until we have assessed it.

“The graffiti is silly and is the size of an A3 sheet of paper.

“I was surprised to see it was so extensive.

“It’s a selfish act and these people do not think about what it means and the consequences of their actions.

“The toilet cannot be used by residents and or bus drivers who need to use it during a break or stop.

“These people need to use this facility.

“It will take a few days to get it fixed and reopened again.”

The council made the announcement on its Facebook page.

It has been met with fury within the community with angry residents criticising the vandals online.

Carrie Barlow, posted: “What the heck is wrong with people.

“Now people with bladder conditions or other illnesses that effect them can’t use them.”

Linda Robinson said: “These vandals are playing into the hands of people who want to close public toilets.

“I can’t work out if the ones in Hockley are open or shut still even with volunteers in the community working hard and free to clear the overgrowth that has kept them shut for a long time.”