A GRANDFATHER has thanked two police officers who helped him while he waited two and a half hours for an ambulance with a fractured hip.

David Siveter, 64, fell over close to the steps in High Street, Old Leigh, after tripping over a piece of metal which was sticking out of the ground.

Police officers Stephen Hollands and Carol Fox were soon flagged down by a motorist near to Leigh train station and rushed to his rescue.

The grandfather-of-five, from Westcliff, said: “When I hit the floor I heard a loud crack and felt sudden excruciating pain which made me let out a scream.

“I soon realised my hip was broken, and I was on the ground in so much agony.

“Everyone around me stopped to see if I was okay and tried to help, but I just couldn’t get up. Luckily, I found there were one or two positions where I had a bit of relief.

“One of those who stopped to help got the police and called the ambulance for me.

“The police officers were fantastic, staying with me while I waited two and a half hours for the ambulance, talking me through the pain trying to relax me.

“Carol even grabbed a quilt and pillow for me from a business along the Leigh Marina to keep me warm. It was absolutely freezing and I was open to the wind where I’d fell.”

Stephen and Carol met Mr Siveter at his home, in Arterial Road, where he personally thanked them over a cup of tea.

He added: “I believe in praise when praise is due and they really did go above and beyond to help me.

“I was overjoyed to see both of them last week and cannot thank them enough.

“The ambulance team were also fantastic. All of those put together who helped made the experience much less traumatic.”

Mr Siveter is currently recovering from his dynamic hip screw (DHS) operation which he had at Southend Hospital after the fall.

PCSO Hollands, who has been with the force for 13 years, said: “David was clearly in a lot of pain following the fall, training and human instincts all kicked in at once.

“This was a real team effort. I went home that night knowing I had really helped someone in need and that’s the rewarding part of the role. It was also nice seeing David because we don’t always get updates from people we help.”