RUBBISH bags were left to rot for 12 days on a Basildon estate, according to residents.

Families living in Clayburn Circle have complained to Basildon Council about regular collection delays although some claim it is because rubbish is not being separated properly and it is being put in the wrong bins.

Southend Standard:

Scene - Clayburn Circle

Miss McWilliams said: “The pictures show the state of our bins just four days after we were missed out on June 20.

“The animals were fighting over it on Monday morning.

“I reported the missed collection via the council’s website, tried to phone and tried to Facebook message, but no answer.

“It’s disgusting.

“I have been made out to be the bad guy in this, but I don’t believe the incorrect sacks is the issue here.

“Every week all three of our bins are emptied into one truck, so they end up all mixed up anyway.

“The council has then emailed me back to say that the issues had been resolved when clearly it hadn’t as all the stuff was still there.

“I tried to contact the council, but they were having technical issues with the phones.

“I then reported another missed collection online.

“This morning I went down to the council and told them the rubbish needs collecting as a matter of urgency.”

Following calls to the council from the Echo and residents, the rubbish was collected and cleared.

A spokesman for Basildon Council said: “This is now with our refuse supervisor with a request for urgent clearance.”

Miss McWilliams said: “I’m very pleased the bins were cleared at 1.15pm yesterday.

“But I don’t know if this will help this issue moving forward.

“I have lived here for almost a year and in that time only one truck comes in and tips all three bins in together in the same truck.

“The bin men don’t even come through the gates.”