A WATER company has claimed everything is “working correctly” despite roads in Canvey flooding.

Families claim despite years of complaints not enough is done to protect properties during bouts of heavy rainfall.

They spoke out after heavy downpours overnight.

Sandy Mitchell, 42, of Bardenville Road, said: “It was a lot better yesterday but on Monday night the water was reaching up to my front door.

“My husband and I had to push the water out with our window squeegee and other things and then try and block the gap with towels and stuff.

“We keep being told the drainage is being sorted but it clearly isn’t.

“Everytime there’s a bit of rain, this happens.

“It’s just become a way of life now.”

Anglian Water claimed nobody had complained to the company and the system was working.

The spokesman said: “A large amount of rainfall fell on Canvey over a short period of time yesterday.

“It’s a bit like a bath plughole, and it takes time for the water to drain away.

“We’ve had additional people on the ground to ensure our sewer network is running as it should and no customers were affected.

“All our checks have shown everything was working correctly and helped to take the surface water away as quickly as possible.”

However resident Jenny Bloor, 55, disagrees. She said: “We thought this was all being sorted but obviously not. It is so frustrating and worrying for us.

“We are starting to wonder if it would better if we moved.”

Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris said: “Since the major flooding in 2014, when I had to pull all the different flooding prevention agencies to work together to overhaul Canvey’s drainage system, over £15 million has been invested on improving the island’s flooding protections and there is still a lot more planned.

“This road flooding shows how important it is to keep vigilante and investigate all signs of trouble. “Drains can been blocked very quickly by even fly tipping or incorrect waste disposal like wet wipes, and can cause serious problems.

“This is why I have asked Essex County Council and Anglian Water to look into these reports and address the causes as a matter of urgency.”

Anglian Water said it works regularly with all agencies on any issues.