TWO Billericay residents have challenged the council after years of mistakes have left flats "in a state of ruin."

The flats, on Lorrimore Close, Billericay, have been described "inhabitable"; after a resident has had 34 years of leaks, Basildon council have been called into question.

Southend Standard:

Sid Caberman, 70, who has lived at the address since 1985, said: "Every few months there's a new leak, it's been going on ever since I moved in.

"They've been out 15 times to fix it, but it just happens again.

"It's totally unacceptable.

"The lady upstairs, who moved on Monday last week, now can't have a shower; she's also got problems in her flat.

"It's an absolute outrage, they're not doing their jobs properly."

Rebekka Shilton, 27, who moved in on Monday, June 17, added: "The previous owners and the council's stupidity has left it ruined.

"There's mould all behind the bathroom tiles.

"I'm allergic to it and every time I go into the bathroom, I get a rash all over my neck and arms.

"I've had so many problems since I've moved in, I've called the council 14 times since I moved in and they've come out to me five times.

"It's unacceptable.

"I'm disabled and having to do the council's job for them."

Mr Caberman, told the Echo how Basildon council have failed to fix the problem: "They don't want to spend any money.

"They claim it's a guttering problem - I was a decorator my whole life and I can see that the whole ceiling needs redoing.

"They're just going to bodge it up again.

"It really isn't fair, I just want to enjoy my retirement without all this trouble.

"They have to be the worst council in the country."

A spokesperson from Basildon council addressed the leakage issue: "Morgan Sindall, our housing repairs contractor, attended a property in Lorrimore Close, Billericay, on Thursday 20 June following reports of water damage from a leak.

"Upon inspection officers tracked the leak to the property above, where damaged tiles in a shower were leaking water to the property below.

"Officers removed the damaged tiles and a dehumidifier was placed in the property to remove moisture from the affected area. "Remedial works will be completed once the property is dry."