GUNS, a Taser and other weapons were seized during raid at a Southend home.

Officers found about four weapons at the property, including two guns, a Taser, gun ammunition and a suspected truncheon.

Serious fears have been raised about the carnage the weapons could have caused in the wrong hands.

Police bosses say a resident in the home in which the weapons were found has been interviewed.

Officers took to Twitter to post about the raid.

A spokesman for the Southend B-Shift Local Policing Team said: “Officers from SouthendLPTB2A have attended and address in Southend, where a cache of weapons and firearms were located inside.

“The person in possession of these weapons has been interviewed about this.”

Councillors have now raised serious concerns following the incident.

Labour council leader Ian Gilbert had praise for the police officers.

He said: “I obviously congratulate the police for finding this information and taking action.

“But it does go to show the serious issues we have and the rising violent crime in our borough.

“It also goes to show what the police are dealing with. Any resident who thinks this is happening near where they live is obviously going to be very concerned about it.

“This is a good job by the police but there is a worry that we don’t know what else is out there. It also has to raise questions about whether the police are able to protect our residents with their current resources.”

Mark Flewitt, deputy mayor and former councillor for public has raised concerns.

He said: “It is absolutely shocking and very frightening that these weapons were found at the Southend home.

“The potential of these weapons is too much to think about and could be a slaughter of a person.

“I do welcome the leader’s comments but the hardest issue is finding a solution to this issue.”

Martin Terry, councillor for community safetym added: “I am delighted targeted and intelligent policing lead to these items coming off the streets.

“It is disturbing these weapons are in the hands of people who obviously have bad intentions.”

“We need to bare down on these people.”