SOUTHEND Council has today revealed the name of a new skate park which will be built in the town.

Through a short video on social media, the council announced the name: “The Skatey McSkateface.”

The clip also revealed that the runners up were Warrior Skate Park, which received 152 votes, and Central Skate Park, which received 172 votes.

Skatey McSkateface received 577 votes.

The council announced in March that the new skate park would be built in the summer of this year and that Southend residents had the chance to name the skate park.

At the time, councillor James Courtenay said: “Building a new skatepark has long been an ambition of both the council and myself, and I am absolutely delighted that we are on course for construction to start within the next few weeks.

“The facility will be accessible for all ages and abilities, whilst maintaining a certain level of intricacy in the design to ensure advanced users are still able to utilise the space.”

The council thanked everyone who voted on Facebook and Twitter.