A DOG was left with a trampoline spring impaled into his leg following a shocking accident at home.

Lurcher, Bruce, had to have emergency surgery at PDSA but thankfully, is now on the mend and expected to make a full recovery.

Southend Standard:

Painful - poor Bruce was crying in pain

Southend Standard:

Bruce’s owner, Natasha Black, 46, from Shoebury, said: “Bruce had been playing on the trampoline with my daughter, Jessie, 13, but when he went to get off I heard a terrible cry.

“His leg had got caught in one of the springs at the side. I quickly ran over and realised that not only had the metal spring gone right into his leg, it was still attached to the trampoline and he couldn’t get loose.

“It was horrific and Bruce was crying in pain.

“Thankfully my neighbour heard the noise and rushed over to help. While I tried to keep Bruce calm and still, he cut the spring free from the trampoline so we could get him to the vet.”

Shocked and distraught, Natasha rushed Bruce to the Basildon PDSA Pet Hospital, The Coco Markus Centre, where he was rushed into theatre.

Gareth Dowdeswell, PDSA senior vet at Basildon PDSA, said: “The spring had pierced quite deeply into Bruce’s leg.

“We gave him pain relief immediately to make him more comfortable and calm. Amazingly, despite his distress, Bruce was still wagging his tail when he met us.

“Bruce was extremely fortunate not to have done himself more damage or even lost the leg.”

Natasha said: “We were so incredibly relieved to hear he was going to be ok. Especially my daughter, who has learning difficulties and has become extremely close to Bruce.

“They’re best friends and he’s really helped her social skills – she takes him out for short walks now, and she talks to him constantly.”

“PDSA were amazing, I couldn’t have wished for better care. They are so friendly and helpful.”

Vet, Gareth, added: “Bruce is an incredibly lucky puppy.

“It’s still early days, but we expect him to make a full recovery.”

Southend Standard:

Recovering - Bruce is now at home and is on the road to recovery