PLANS to re-invent Canvey’s seafront into a modern holiday resort have taken a hit after documents revealed Castle Point Council will have to find more than £250,000 to fund it.

The plans were given a real boost in March when the council received £1.52 million from central Government.

But it has now been revealed, within council documents, that the council must provide an additional £263,000 to get the scheme off the ground - and this is set to be discussed and approved at tomorrow’s cabinet meeting.

Plans for the seafront include an larger public car park at Thorney Bay, a estuary-facing pavilion which will include public toilets, a kiosk, storage space for volunteers and a elaborate viewing terrace.

There would also be funding for improvements to pathways, between the car park and the pavilion, and seafront improvements to the footpaths by the seawall from Thorney Bay to Labworth Central including improved surfacing as well as the additional lighting and outdoor taps and public information boards.

The council agreed to contribute £200,000 in funding when it applied for the scheme, council documents have revealed.

Joan Thomas, 56, of Long Road, said: “I always thought there was such a big deal surrounding this funding because it would fund the whole project.

“It is a bit of a shame to hear that more funds will come out of taxpayers’ pockets, but I suppose £250,000 is fairly minimal compared to the £1.5 million.

“It is minor when you look at the scale of the project, this will totally redesign the whole of the seafront if it happens, so £250,000 to get it off the ground is not too bad.”

The council hopes some of the cash will be recouped by the new pavilion and extra parking.

The report said: “The council has committed to contributing match funding of £200,000 to the scheme together with £63,000 additional in-kind staff time for project oversight.

“Some revenue is expected to be derived from the pavilion and additional car parking.”

It added: “A detailed design review of the scheme is underway to progress the designs.”