FURIOUS residents are rallying to stop more flats being built in Thundersley.

Developer Avison Young has applied to Castle Point Council for permission to build 22 flats on land near London Road within the village.

Karen Simpson, 44, of London Road, said: “I can’t quite believe what I’m reading in this application.

“I feel like they are not telling a lot of residents about it and that if we’re not careful we could see our green spaces erode away right before our eyes.

“We need people to object to this so that Thundersley can’t be damaged anymore.”

Angela Barnes, 35, also of London Road, said: “We do not need and cannot have any more flats here, it will just make the Bread and Cheese Hill get more and more ugly. I just don’t think it’s going to stop though.”

Tom Jenkins, 56, of Rhoda Road near the site, isn’t happy either. He said: “People need to club together to object to this. It’s the opposite to what we need as a village.

“More flats means more cars, congestion and less green space and freedom.

“I just don’t think developers seem to care about clogging up areas like us as long as they can fill their building desires.”

The plan, if approved, would likely be made from brickwork with tile roofing, comprising a two or three storey building with the 22 apartments split between one bed and two beds.

Avison Young has stated it would be set into the landscape’s sloping ground in an attempt to minimise the visual impact on nearby Green Belt land.

Its application states: “In the absence of any meaningful progress on the Local Plan, in the meantime, the borough is facing a major housing crisis and will need to consider granting permission for urgently needed dwellings on anomalous sites such as this that do not provide a strong and defensible boundary for the Green Belt. It is not considered that the creation of 22 additional dwellings on this site would result in any detrimental change to the character of the area or an unacceptable increase in the level of traffic.”

Castle Point’s Local Plan is awaiting approval from the Government after it was sent at the end of last year.

The application was received by Castle Point Council last week.

It will be decided at a later date at a public meeting by a planning committee.