A scene set in Basildon on the hit BBC show Killing Eve was actually shot more than 30 miles from the town.

The BBC America series, which follows MI6 officer Eve Polastri and talented psychopathic Russian assassin Villanelle, aired the second episode of its second season on Saturday night on BBC One.

The opening sees Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, arriving at a family home in Basildon, having stowed away in the boot of their car in France.

As the family go into the house, Villanelle stealthily exits the boot, but not before being seen by the daughter.

She gestures for her to remain quiet, then walks away down the street, where the words “Basildon, England” appear on screen.

Southend Standard:

However, the scene was actually shot in a residential area in Bromley, south London, as discovered by one superfan who has sought out various filming locations in the series.

The woman, based in north west London, enjoys finding the locations as a hobby.

She said: "I spent about four weeks searching in total, starting with Basildon and other possible Essex locations before trying parts of Surrey and Hampshire and then coming into south east London areas.

"I used Google maps to search. I made the assumption filming would be within the M25 and likely to be one of the outer London boroughs.

"Basically it was a mixture of intuition, educated guesswork and luck! There was absolutely nothing online to help, the locals and everyone involved were keeping quiet.

"I know there are a few others out there keen to find the location, if they have found it they have certainly not put anything out there that I can find.

"It was like searching for a needle in a haystack and I gave up on more than one occasion but the houses were so distinctive I felt I had to continue.

"In the end I landed a few roads away and I just felt as though I was close. A few minutes later I made the discovery."

The story of the episode, titled "Nice and Neat", follows the assassin trying to lay-low from the authorities and recover from being stabbed in the finale of season one.

The first season was released on BBC iPlayer in autumn last year, following its debut in America in April 2018.

Jodie Comer won Best Actress for her role in season one at the 2019 British Academy Film and Television Awards.

Killing Eve season two is available on iPlayer now, and airs weekly episodes on Saturday night on BBC One.