A HISTORIC clock has been repaired after being out of action for months.

The Jones Clock, on the archway over the entrance to Prittlewell Square, has been without hands on one side since February after they were removed for vital repairs.

Southend Standard:

Restored - the clock being re-hung

Southend Standard:

Back where it belongs - the Jones Clock

On Tuesday, the hands were restored.

It was installed on the bandstand in the park in 1909, but was later moved to the entrance and was initially painted white., but was later repainted to black.

Last year, Essex Mobile Welding re-installed the Jones Clock above the RA Jones jewellers on Southend High Street after refurbishing it due to the damage it suffered.

Rosalind Harman, from the Ros Southend Past in Photos group, shared the news of the repaired clock on social media.

She said: “Pleased to see another piece of Southend’s history has been restored. It’s about time! Thank you to those who made this Jones clock work again.”

Kevin Robinson, cabinet member for business, culture and tourism at Southend Council, said: “The Jones clock in Prittlewell Square is an iconic piece of Southend’s history.

“We maintain repairs on the clock every year or so to ensure it is kept in all its glory. This month, the Jones Prittlewell Square clock has undergone repairs and is now up and running once again.”