A CAMPAIGNER has attacked plans to build 44 homes on streets without pavements...which would see pedestrians sharing the road with cars.

Despite safety concerns, planning permission for the 44 homes on the Dry Street development, known as Westley Green, was granted by members of Basildon Council’s planning committee.

It is the third phase of a scheme which will ultimately bring 725 homes, a new school and shops to the area.

But independent councillor Kerry Smith has slammed the plan, citing significant safety concerns.

Mr Smith, who is not a member of the planning committee, said: “It’s shocking the planning committee [is] spineless enough to put developers’ profit before the safety and needs of residents.

“Future residents who move in there will be walking straight out of their houses into traffic; it’s a highway safety issue to not have pavements in place.

“How can any pedestrian, whether it’s children or the elderly, be expected to walk in a shared space with cars and traffic?

“The planning committee should have refused to approve plans until pavements were agreed to be put in place.”

Independent Derrick Fellowes, for the Nethermayne ward, added: “The parking and road safety for that area is appalling, so without pavement residents will have to be extra careful.

“God forbid there could be an instance where a child steps into the road not paying attention. It’s certainly not unheard of for drivers to not observe the speed limit. I’m very concerned and have seen concern on social media too.

“Councillors have no power to object to this, as much as I think it’s wrong. All we can do is advise residents is to be careful.”

The plans passed, with four members voting in favour, one against and one abstained.

During the meeting Conservative Craig Rimmer said: “The lack of pavement is worrying, any development which is implemented should be sustainable and residents should be able to walk in the area around their home safely. This has clearly been introduced with a car in mind.”

During the planning committee meeting when plans were approved, Conservative Stephen Hillier pointed out that Essex County Council’s highways officers had not raised any objection on highways grounds and if the committee opted to refuse the application, it was likely not to be supported by the county council which would be a “big problem”.