A COUPLE from Canvey have launched a desperate fundraiser to raise money for their beloved dog in need of surgery.

Casey and Daniel Holloway, of Haven Road, have spent thousands of pounds on treatment and care for their pug Huey, who is less than a year old but has suffered an array of health problems.

Southend Standard:

Poorly - but Huey is still fighting

Since November, Huey has been in and out of the vets and specialist care centres, and has been diagnosed with a skin infection, urine infection and a liver shunt.

This means there is an abnormal connection between the vein which sends toxins and by-products to the liver and another vein, meaning blood gets bypassed around the liver without being cleaned.

Huey is staying in specialist care and must be healthy in his own right before he can have a liver operation.

Casey, 29, said they have racked up about £9,000 in vets bills and have maxed out their insurance claims, and will require in the region of £10,000 for Huey’s liver operation.

She said: “The Go Fund Me page was really an act of desperation to try and appeal to anyone out there who loves dogs who may be able to spare some money to help a fellow owner out.

“Despite everything he’s been through, our baby is continuing to fight, he won’t give up, even starting to eat.”

“We are now in a position after accumulating approximately £9,000 in veterinary bills, our insurance being wiped out and our savings gone due to the number of different aliments Huey has suffered.

“The operation will enable him to have a normal quality of life which is all he deserves, the chance to be a puppy as this we feel has been taken from him.”

The couple, who own two other older pugs, first created the page on Sunday and have already raised £1,400 of their £12,000 goal.

Casey added: “It’s kind of gone a bit viral, it really did take off, and clearly shows people do care.

“I’ve had people I work with come up to me and pass on some money.

“It really means the world, Huey is like our child, we love him to pieces and can’t bear to lose him.”

To donate, visit www.gofundme.com/help-for-our-huey.