TEEN gangs are tormenting child anglers at Canvey lake.

Families have called for patrols to help keep their children safe after a mum claimed her 11-year-old son was attacked twice in a week.

She said: “During both incidents my son was fishing at the lake alone and was approached by the boys who hit him and tried to take his equipment.

“They hit him with his rod and were being nasty and calling him names.

“He wasn’t that badly hurt but was quite shaken up by the two incidents.

“I was out shopping at the time of one of the incidents.

“My daughter lives close by and I told him to shout out but there was nobody home.

“It seems that’s what these boys are like these days.

“It would be nice to have some kind of warden down there to help stop this from happening.”

The worried mum said her son is now frightened to go back although there has been support from some of the other fishermen in the area who have offered to keep an eye on him.

The mother added: “I didn’t realise there was such a lovely community spirit but I am quite angry about what has been happening to my son.

“I have been considering taking my son to another fishing lake because of the attacks at Canvey Lake.

“But it would be a bit difficult because he has so much fishing equipment.

“He has pretty much taught himself everything he knows, and I am a very proud mum.

“He was very upset after the incidents.

“He broke down and cried when we talked about it.

“I think it is just disgusting.

“We know one of the boys.

“His mum did go to the lake and he apologised.

“But it doesn’t take away what happened.

“This is his hobby and the last think we would want would be for him to be put off by these incident.”

She took to Facebook to warn others of the incident.

A number of fisherman have also offered to help.

And regular anglers recommended House Farm where CCTV covers the lake and the people are friendly.

Others recommended joining an angling association.

Canvey Town Council was contacted for comment.