A GANG threw glass bottles and signs as a fight erupted in front of horrified families at a busy seafront.

Security guards from Adventure Island were forced to step in during the incident in Southend on Sunday. 

Southend Standard:

Caught on camera - an A-board sign is thrown by one group at the other

Southend Standard:

Security - Adventure Island security members went to the scene

Witnesses said children were scared as the fight unfolded.

Eyewitness Adam James, of Southchurch Road, Southend said: “There was lot of sign throwing.

“You could hear some glass rattling across the ground due to one of them throwing a glass bottle."

The 24-year-old added: “It is childish behaviour and they’re doing it in front of kids.

“There was one kid crying and the mother of the crying child walked past and shouted well done to one of the groups.

“They didn’t take any notice.”

Mr James filmed the incident and shared it on social media.

It has been met with anger in the community from residents.

Joyce Green, 55, of Victoria Avenue, Southend said: “This is so dangerous.

“These men are nothing but idiots.

“If the signs had slipped out their hands or the men had tripped anyone including a child or person in a wheelchair could have been hurt.”

Mike Browne, 25, of Southend, added: “This looks a bit scary.

“I wouldn’t want to be caught up in a situation like that.

“I would be getting away from the area as soon as I could.”

Councillors have also raised serious concerns about the incident.

Marin Terry, Independent councillor for community safety, said: “This sort of behaviour is unacceptable in any area but especially in an area where we have lots of families.

“Residents are concerned about street crime and this needs to be addressed.

“It shows we need more police officers in Southend.

“This sort of thing has a negative impact on our traders and the rest of the community.

“It is a concern for everyone.”

Essex Police said the incident has not been reported to the force.

The Echo made various attempts to contact Adventure Island for comment.