FISH are being stolen from Gloucester Park’s lake.

Witnesses have made a number of reports about the ongoing incidents.

The fish are being taken from the Basildon park and it has caused much anger among the community.

It is illegal and fishing fans are being warned against it by Basildon Council officials - and the Environment Agency.

Responsible fisherman are now becoming concerned about the damage to their reputation too.

Bob Platts, 33, of High Road, Pitsea said: “This is outrageous and it’s widely known as unacceptable.

“I would say everyone I know would disagree with this.

“Why are people doing this at the park – it makes no sense at all.

“I am also very worried about being stopped fishing at the park and that wouldn’t be fair.

“We must sort this out as soon as we can.”

Kerry Browne, 44, of Sterling Place, Basildon said: “I am one of the few women who fish the lake but we are all so angry about what they are doing there.

“Someone needs to take action and get rid of the issue as soon as we can.

“It is cruel and so unnecessary to do this, I do not understand it whatsoever, it seems pointless to me.

“The fish are there for us to caught and safely replace back into the lake.”

A Basildon Council spokesperson said “We employ fishing bailiffs who do daily rounds of the lakes to ensure the correct equipment is being used and that a ticket has been purchased.

“Unfortunately, they are only able to take action if they witness an incident.

“Fishing licences are only enforceable by the Environment Agency who issue them.”

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We work closely with private fisheries such as the one at Gloucester Park, and if asked can assist with any reports of serious environmental crime or pollution.

“If people see any illegal fishing activity they should speak to a lake bailiff or call our incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.”