A MAN who had his two bikes stolen has described the loss as like “losing his right arm”.

Keith Pierce, from Vange, discovered his “pride and joys” were gone as he went to leave for work. The 63-year-old, who had the bikes for six years, said: “Although they’re only worth about £1,000 each, they have great sentimental value to me that money can’t buy.

“They’ve always been my prized possessions - I’ve taken the bikes to charity events to raise money for Little Havens.

“It’s like someone has taken my right arm away. I’ve loved bikes ever since I was a kid, but could never afford one until recent years.”

A police spokesman said: “The bikes, a red Lifan LF70 GY-2 and a white Easy Rider M50, had been taken from an outbuilding between 5pm on on May 14 and 5am on May 15.” Call 101 citing crime reference number 42/76519/19.