A JURY has been discharged after failing to reach a verdict on whether a man murdered his mother.

The trial of Robert Knight, 52, who was accused of murdering his mother June Knight, 79, has collapsed after the jury were deadlocked after nearly nine hours of deliberations.

June Knight was killed at Langley Lodge Care Home in Imperial Avenue, Westcliff at around 10pm on December 10 last year after she was pushed off a first-floor balcony.

Robert Knight, of The Fairway, Leigh, was arrested at the scene and was later charged with murder. He has admitted killing his mother but denies murder, stating he lost control at the time.

June Knight was being cared for at the home and had a variety of medical problems, most prominently Alzheimer’s disease.

The jury was sent out to deliberate on the case on Monday.

Shortly before 1pm yesterday, Judge Leigh called the case back in. She told the court she had received a note from the jury saying they had reached an impasse and would not be able to agree on a majority verdict.

The judge informed the court that she would have no choice but to discharge the jury.

Addressing them, she said: “I have been given the detailed and considered note from you, and I am not going to ask you to deliberate any longer.

“I thank you for your time and care in this case. It is a very, very sad case.”

The Crown Prosecution Service will decide on Friday if they wish to carry out a retrial.