DOZENS of parking spaces could be blocked for a year as work begins on five new homes.

Furious families claim they have been left with nowhere to park.

Sempra Homes, Basildon Council’s house building company, is set to begin work on five houses on Glenmere in Vange at the end of this week to replace an area of garages.

Residents claim 40 parking spots will be lost and claim Sempra Homes offered only one consultation meeting in a year and they were ignored.

One said: “We were told to park on the A13 at one point. We have literally been given no options at all, we were just told to park on another road.

“But it’s not that simple, the other roads are choc-a-bloc most of the time.

“We have families here with disabled children who need to be close to their house, but we’ve been ignored.

“We literally will have nowhere to park, it’s going to be bedlam.

“There will be so many fights between us and the crew who will be parking lorries all over here.”

Another resident said: “Sempra Homes just don’t seem to care, it’s all about the profit with them.

“We had one consultation, about a year ago.

“We raised concerns then. But we’ve been ignored. It’s like we don’t exist.

“But they don’t live here, they won’t have to deal with any of the problems. It’s going to be horrible.”

A Basildon Council spokesman said the plans had been reduced from seven homes after a consultation and there will be 25 spaces, plus ten new ones, once the homes are finished.

They said: “Residents have been consulted on and notified of the progress of the scheme through consultation events held in a local hall and through letters.

“Sempra Homes build contractors meet the considerate contractor scheme which ensures they respect the community and give the utmost consideration to their impact on neighbours and the public.

“Two vacant council garages in the nearby area have also been held and made available to rent for any residents that are interested. To date no one has pursued this option. E-mail to find out more.”