A WIFE stalked by an ex husband so obsessed he even fitted a GPS tracker on her car has spoken out about her ordeal following his release from prison.

Stuart Carless, 46, from Essex, subjected his wife Victoria Miles, 46, to three months of harassment, bombarding her with calls and texts after she ended their 14-year marriage in September 2018.

Southend Standard:

Happier times - Stuart Carless with wife Victoria Miles

But his obsession took a more sinister turn when Victoria received a notification from Amazon informing her a GPS car tracker would be delivered that day to their home in Wales.

Wanting to be certain before going to the police, Victoria went to a garage to check out her car, where they found the tracker.

By coincidence, a CID officer was there at the same time and advised her to remove it with gloves and place it in a sealed envelope before taking it to the police.

Carless was arrested and later stalking his wife at Mold Crown Court in January 2019.

Despite being jailed for 14 months, Stuart was released on April 3.

Victoria said: “It’s hard to believe that all of this happened to me and it doesn’t even feel real sometimes.

“My life has been completely shattered - I could never have guessed that things would end this way.”

Victoria first met Stuart in an online chatroom in November 2003.

Stuart appeared at Mold Crown Court in January 2019 and was jailed for 14 months.

Victoria said: “I couldn’t listen to the defence though, it was awful.

Stuart was released and will be on a tag until July.

“I’m not scared of him, just of the unknown,” Victoria said. “But I do struggle. I have anxiety, I need sleeping tablets, I’m very isolated.

“It was purely coincidental that I got the Amazon notification and met the CID officer - maybe someone is watching over me.”

Carless was also given a two year restraining order from contacting his former wife. He was caught out after ordering the tracker from a joint account. He had previously downloaded an app to keep track of his wife’s car but then had the tracker fitted.