Fun park bosses said they can't wait to unveil their new £1m white knuckle ride.

The new attraction, called Axis, has been installed at Adventure Island, Southend.

The ride has a circle of seats, suspended from a tall structure, with riders facing outwards and the seats spin, while at the same time it will swing like a giant pendulum.

The no-nonsense ride will then take customers upside down.

The new ride arrived at Adventure Island over the course of last week on seven separate lorries from Italy.

It weighs around 150 tonnes.

It has a computer controlled state of the art 53,700 LED lighting system, which bosses say can be seen from the moon.

The ride holds 24 people, spinning you back and forth, around and around and upside down at more than 100 feet in the air.

It cost Stockvale, the park owners, more than £1million and is the park’s largest ride investment since the Rage rollercoaster more than 12 years ago.

Visitors said they are looking forward to the new addition to the popular amusement park.

Sarah Cox, 33, from Southend said: “We’ve been watching it go up as the week has gone on.

“It looks amazing and we are excited to try it out.

“The new ride looks scary but good fun.

“I’m sure it’ll be very popular with visitors.

“It will be good if we have good weather to enjoy this.”

Managing director Marc Miller said: “The idea came from a visit my uncle Philip made with his daughter Hannah to New York, whilst their they visited the iconic Coney Island amusement park.

“It has similar demographics and history to Adventure Island inasmuch it sits on the coast with a big city nearby and at one time was very run down.

“This particular ride is what we would call a big hitter for a seaside Fun Park appealing to young teenagers and families.

“We have called the ride Axis.

“The ride holds twenty four people, spinning you back and forth, round and round and upside down over 100 feet in the air, exerting about four 4G’s.

“Subject to the ride inspectors giving us the green light we hope to be open very soon.

“It cost us well over one million pounds which is Adventure Island’s single largest ride investment since Rage twelve years ago.

“We hope it will prove not just a big attraction for Adventure Island but also for Southend.”

Adventure Island is advertised as the UK’s number one free admission theme park.

The park works on a flexible ride band system offering different treats for thrillseekers and families alike. The bands are priced based on height with different access for all. Axis is the latest addition at a park which offers something new each year to keep people coming back.