A road is closed while recovery of a stranded bus gets underway.

The bus was left stranded after the driver reportedly misjudged the high tide and steered the bus off the road.

In shocking footage captured on Saturday, motorists can be seen waiting for the high tide to subside before a bus comes through and attempts to cross the flooded road.

But the water, in Creeksea Ferry Road, Wallasea Island, proves to be too deep for the bus to make it through and it almost floats off into the creek at the side of the road.

The bus was left stranded in the ditch at the side of the road since Saturday and is now being recovered.

Police have warned motorists to avoid the area while the recovery is carried out.

A spokesman for the police said: "Please be aware that Creeksea Ferry Road leading to Wallasea Island is closed at the moment due to the recovery of a bus that was involved in an accident.

"We would be grateful if you could share this post to make as many people aware as possible.

Southend Standard:

"At this time it is not known how long the road will be closed for."

A spokesman for Stephensons bus company confirmed they were investigating.

He added: "We can confirm that on Saturday afternoon, one of our buses operating service 60 was involved in an incident on Wallasea Island following flooding of the road by spring tides.

"There were no injuries, but emergency services attended to assist with evacuation of the vehicle.

"A full investigation is under way to establish exactly how this incident occurred."