WASTE plant bosses have denied there are bullying and intimidation problems among its staff after a video surfaced of a man being shoved into a container.

A former employee, who has asked to remain anonymous, claims bullying and intimidation were used on a daily basis at the Tovi Eco Park waste plant in Courtauld Road, Basildon.

In an uncomfortable video, seen by the Echo, two employees can be seen trying to force a third colleague into a container seemingly against his will.

The former employee told the Echo: “It got to the point where I had to step in one night because they were trying to put this poor lad in the bin.

“The bin is disgusting – they all stand there coughing and spitting in it and its full of stinking slurry water from the bio halls.

“His cigarette fell out of his mouth into his collar and burnt his neck while he was trying to fight them off.

“I couldn’t watch them do it anymore as he looked like he had tears in his eyes.

“I’m at the front of the queue for a laugh or practical joke but this behaviour is not acceptable in my eyes – even more so by senior staff.”

The man, who has since been let go by the plant, said this kind of behaviour was commonplace among the work force.

He added: “They always tried to intimidate and bully people for no reason that I can work out.

“It’s always the same nasty bullies and the same poor victims that unfortunately don’t stand up for themselves.”

A spokesman for Urbaser Balfour Beatty, who operate the plant, said the incident had been investigated and denied that it was an example of bullying but that action would be taken.

The spokesman added: “The video depicts an incident which happened more than a year ago.

“Following a thorough investigation, the employee identified within the video has confirmed the incident was not bullying but an act of playfulness amongst colleagues.

“The employee continues to work safely and confidently within the facility.

“Regardless, the conduct shown falls well below the high standards we expect from all who work with us and for us.

“We have addressed the matter with those individuals concerned and will take the appropriate actions.”