AN elderly woman was hit in the face by “barbaric” yobs during a daylight attack.

The victim, who is in her 70s, was on her way back from shopping when she was attacked by two youths on a bike.

It happened on Thursday between noon and 12.30pm near Co-op, Long Road, Canvey.

She was left in a daze and shaken after the cruel attack.

Her daughter said the family are furious over the incident.

She said: “It all happened so quickly. By the time she has realised what happened they were gone.

“I have been told it happened to someone else as well, I saw a post on Facebook about another incident.

“She is going to report this to the police as soon as possible.

“We think they came up behind her and when she turned around they hit her in the face.

“Her face was stinging and she was left shocked for a time after.

“She has taken it all in her stride and said she doesn’t want to waste people’s time.

“The family are furious and her grandsons want to catch who did this but we don’t want any more trouble.”

The daughter said she can’t understand what goes through the heads of yobs who attack people..

She said it is possible her mum may now be too worried to go out and leave the house.

She said her mum moved to London a few years ago and thought it was a nice place to live.

The angry daughter added: “We are hoping the shops nearby where this happened will have CCTV of the incident.

“You just don’t expect this sort of thing to happen during the day.

“If someone has done this twice then there’s a threat of another barbaric attack.”

Essex Police confirmed it was investigating reports of an assault. Anyone with information should call 101.