A community group has gone the extra mile to track down a dog who had been missing for two months.

Tilly's Angels, who are based in Southend, had been tracking a rescue dog called Hari who had been brought over to a new family from Romania.

Hari first went missing on November 17 and was described as a very nervous dog.

A joint operation with Tilly's Angels and Canine Capture UK involving many weeks of tracking and trying to capture Hari ended yesterday when he was sedated using a tranquilising dart.

Hari had originally settled in an area and hopes were high he could be trapped but on New Year's Eve, fireworks caused him to move on and it was several weeks before he was sighted again.

Hari eventually found his way to Two Tree Island where he befriended local foxs, sharing the food local residents were putting out for them.

As Hari was so reluctant to go anywhere near a trap, and had adequate food supply, the decision was made to dart rather than leave him at risk any longer.

Tilly's Angels member Ann Cushion said: "What a runaround this lad has given us, but Tillys Angels and Canine Capture are delighted to announce that after two months of hard work we captured this lad last night on Two Tree Island.

"We are all absolutely shattered so please bear with us for a few more hours and, once we are properly awake and functioning we will fill you in with the details.

"It has been an amazing search and there are so many people who played a role in us being able to post this news. 

"We will update you fully shortly."