YOBS have been reported to police after hurling stones and cans at customers and staff at a KFC drive thru.

Marion Booth, 66, from Southend, drove over to KFC at the Greyhound Retail Park, at Sutton Road, in Southend, on Friday, January 19, to use the drive-thru facility.

Marion, who is disabled, was targeted by the yobs who are causing havoc in the area.

A spokesman for the restaurant said: “We take the safety of our customers and team members very seriously and have informed the local police about the issue at our Sutton Road drive-thru.

“We’ll work with them however we can and hope the issue will be resolved soon.”

Marion said: “I was picking up some KFC for my partner and brother-in-law, and as we got to the window to pay, we jumped from the horrendous noise of the stones firing at my car.

“Even empty cans of drink were thrown, I was just shocked, I didn’t know what to do as you can’t see anybody at the top.

“I didn’t want to get out because firstly, it was frightening, I would rather the stones come at my car and not at me or my head.

“I am also disabled and walk with crutches. But we were all really shaken up by it and I did physically feel a bit shaky afterwards.

“I told the woman serving us at the window and she said that she had eggs and empty bottles thrown at the drive-thru windows before, so it’s clearly not the first time this has happened.

“I don’t know whether they targeted the car or not, but it has put me off from going there a little bit as you can’t see anybody at the top.”

There have been recent reports of youngsters riding around on their bikes at the Greyhound estate causing trouble, but it is not known if these incidents are linked, or whether teenagers are to blame for the drive-thru attacks.

Marion, who has volunteered as a girl guides leader for more than 15 years, added: “I used to live behind the Greyhound estate and there was always a lot of youngsters hanging around and it does seem like it’s a bit of an ongoing problem.”

Store staff have also complained about similar incidents.